Refurbished Computer Is Not Bad After All

Every day there are newer technologies being implemented in the computers to develop them in such a way that they can meet the demand of today. The computer of the past is More »

Military Portable Computers Are Laced With Advanced Technology

Dispensing of information is highly crucial for efficient military operations. It is a highly technical field mandating for rugged computers. Indeed, maintaining a high level of communication has laid the foundation for More »

Animation And The World Of Computer Animations

There are many people who are keen to get into mainstream design and animation career lines but up to now do not know how to. Some individuals are just keen to piece More »

Home Computer Rentals

In recent years, the computer has become an indispensable part of human life. It has also tremendously influenced the activities, attitudes and the way masses think all over the world. Nowadays, most More »

Career in Computer Science With Cyber Security

Cyber forensics is studied as part of the digital forensic science subject. It pertains to the legal evidence lying in the digital storage media and the cyber space. Since the advent of More »

Computer Hardware Devices with Scent

Indeed, I am not sure if you have been following the tech news recently, but apparently the concept of smell-o-matic which was originally conceived in the 1960s seems to have a new digital application. That’s right computers, living room gaming, and even laptops, tablets, and eBook Readers. Imagine you are playing a computer game and you can detect “the smell of napalm in the morning” or you are reading an eBook where the characters go to the Strawberry Festival in Sunny Southern California and that strawberry smell tickles your nostrils, you can almost taste it.

In this case your eBook comes alive, or your video computer game makes you feel like you are really in the action fighting the “bad guys” in a warzone. How would all this work you wonder? Well, since smells are nothing more than chemicals mixing, the digital sequencing would determine the mixtures and release small amounts or large amounts depending on the “volume” setting, just like for sound basically.

Okay so, not long ago this topic came up at our think tank, and fellow think tanker Troy LaClaire was quite intrigued by the

Studying Computer Science in Rajasthan

In the present era of access to communication and information being the order of the day, a degree scroll in Computer Science (B.Tech or MCA) is a prized asset. Youngsters who had opted for PCM (physics, chemistry and mathematics) as the main subjects aspire to earn a degree in this engineering stream.

This is the prevailing scenario of higher education across the state of Rajasthan. Bright scholars wish to further supplement their academic qualification with a post-graduate degree of M.Tech. For instance M Tech Computer Science courses in Rajasthan have been much sought-after by such students.

An M.Tech in Computer Science is similar to a passport to El Dorado since engineers from this branch command a premium as per the latest market dynamics. They are hired by both government and corporate entities for varying high-tech tasks. These range from core engineering, R&D, manufacturing and quality control to consultancy and software solutions.

Rajasthan has scores of academia imparting top quality education in engineering. These colleges function under central, autonomous or private universities. There are around 33 institutions which offer M.Tech

Hi-Tech Computer

Hi-tech computer furniture is quite popular, with the latest designs from manufacturers ensuring that bland, dull looking computer furniture is a thing of the distant past. Hi-tech computer furniture is designed to look attractive, besides being functional and ergonomic.

There are different styles and models of hi-tech computer furniture. They include single-tier computer workstations, dual tier computer workstations, corner computer desks, telescopic computer carts, computer racks, computer wall mounts, computer holders, computer monitor arms and keyboard arms. There are also hi-tech corner computer desks designed to fit into corners, with the aim of minimizing wasted space.

Dual tier computer workstations have two surfaces, each independently electronically height adjustable. This feature not only allows the user to adjust the height of the monitors, tit also allow adjusting of the height of the work surface from a sit-down to a stand-up position. This arrangement offers a great level of flexibility for multiple users, with the ergonomic seats providing optimum body comfort and proper positioning.

Telescopic computer carts are very stylish, durable, strong and importantly, customizable. Most are made out of cold

Refurbished Computer Is Not Bad After All

Every day there are newer technologies being implemented in the computers to develop them in such a way that they can meet the demand of today. The computer of the past is becoming obsolete when the computers of today with uplifted features come in the market. And day by day the difference between the new and the old technology is growing. Soon, there is likely to be a gigantic disparity. What you can you do to minimize this diversity? Refurbish your computer. Let us see what refurbish actually means and how it is done?

Refurbished computer, in general, is your old computer which is embellished to look better and newer. Old is gold, so instead of going for a new PC, get a refurbished computer which will work like a new one. Assembling new parts and variety of organs to your old computer can give an image make over to your old computer. Ok, that was all for those who already posses a computer and want to have it refurbished, but there is an idea for those also, who do not have a computer. There are ready-made refurbished computers available for purchase. The best thing about the

Military Portable Computers Are Laced With Advanced Technology

Dispensing of information is highly crucial for efficient military operations. It is a highly technical field mandating for rugged computers. Indeed, maintaining a high level of communication has laid the foundation for using highly efficient computers. This is the reason that they are required to be fit for rugged usage. Moreover, it is expected from them that the machine is required to be fit for withstanding harsh environs. Being an important part of daily operations, portable computers are easy to carry and possess almost the same configurations that expected. Obviously, they are said to be the gift of technology capable of performing in every condition.

At times, there are conditions that mandate a military office to shift the base because of specified reasons. In this condition, having computers with rugged characteristics or the ones that can be moved on immediate basis are always preferred. For this purpose, one should buy computers that have the ability to withstand changing weather conditions and do not get wear out. Besides just the heat factor, suitable military portable computers should also be powered to stay operational in extreme cold. Certainly, it happens that electronic items like computers may become prone to

Animation And The World Of Computer Animations

There are many people who are keen to get into mainstream design and animation career lines but up to now do not know how to. Some individuals are just keen to piece together some nice looking graphics and get on with it bit if you are a serious designer and animator what will work for you is to get to know what the industry has to offer in terms of animation education and career lines in the professional circles. This will give you a starting point and then you are able to sit down and plan you career.

Animation is a quite intriguing and very interesting exercise more so when it comes to 3D animation where you enjoy the advantages of piecing together your drawings using high tech computer software or doing your drawings manually and then transferring them to your computer. Many people have assumed that the computer edge makes everything just so simplistic imagining that 3D animation is all about quickly manipulating drawings with high tech software and that is it.

Fact of the matter is that 3D animation is an intricate exercise which is frankly complex. You need to have a good grasp

Home Computer Rentals

In recent years, the computer has become an indispensable part of human life. It has also tremendously influenced the activities, attitudes and the way masses think all over the world. Nowadays, most households have a computer. But, those who do not own one can get high tech computers for rental. Home computer rentals are a cost effective approach to access the latest technology for personal and professional use.

Depending on the need, you can rent any type, model, brand and number of computers for your home. There are countless companies that provide home computers for rental. Aardvark and Capital Computer Rental are two of the prominent companies dealing with home computer rentals. Most computer rental companies operate online, to meet the immediate demands of customers. Today, almost all top brands such as Intel, Dell, Compaq, Toshiba and Apple can be availed on rental for household purposes.

The main benefit of home computer rentals is that you get the opportunity to use recent models and the latest operating systems. Thus, you need not upgrade or change your home computer with the rapid changes in the market. Home computer rentals also avoid all the hassles of computer maintenance.

Career in Computer Science With Cyber Security

Cyber forensics is studied as part of the digital forensic science subject. It pertains to the legal evidence lying in the digital storage media and the cyber space. Since the advent of digital age, the need to have cyber professionals has grown exponentially. It has basically resulted from the internet explosion in India that was witnessed recently owing to e-governance, e-banking, e-commerce and social media.

The demand for the course of B. Tech. Computer Science with Cyber Security and Forensics was triggered with continuous attacks on social media and its misuse. So, there was a cyber terrorism threat to the internet security of our country which it was not properly equipped to handle. After this threat started to impact the national security, the Indian government passed a resolution to have its cyber protection architecture in place at the national level.

Cyber Security Policy for Data Protection

The policy was proposed in 2011 seeking to protect the national assets from cyber-attacks and offering protection to the information of citizens. It was also directed at strengthening team dealing with Computer Emergency Response to audit, protect and spread awareness about the issue along with encouraging open standards. It is estimated

Computer Forensics Labs

Computer forensics labs are high-tech labs that are used for rendering computer forensic and other investigative services. Various software and techniques are used during the process of investigation, including password cracker, email converters, or the EnCase or Forensic Toolkit (FTK) software applications.

Initially, an exact replica of the hard disc drive is created, so that the evidence can be evaluated and processed from a forensic file. The identifying leads and computer evidence contained in files proves crucial in determining the outcome of the case. The findings are then documented, and the opinions of experts are taken. The expert witness testimony proves very helpful to clarify technical computer issues in the litigation process. With the help of customized software, the forensics investigators can retrieve deleted data, hidden data and password-protected data. The retrieved data is then carefully documented and recorded in reports that are then presented at times of litigation.

On an average only 10 percent of these files may actually be used in litigation cases. Customized software is used to filter out unnecessary data, based on data relevant parameters coated on the software. Around 25 percent of the original data set can be filtered, using intelligent

Updating Your Computer Furniture

Purchasing high tech computer furniture can be an amazing addition to your contemporary style office. With the latest designs from leading manufacturers, many pieces add that instant pop to the decor of the room. High tech computer furniture is designed to be functional and ergonomic while still adding a very sleek ultra-contemporary style. Many leading manufacturers offer a huge variety of styles to meet the needs of every contemporary design.

Available Designs

High-tech computer furniture is constructed in multiple styles to accommodate any type of configuration you require. This includes single tier and dual tier computer workstations, telescopic computer carts, computer racks, corner computer desks, computer wall mounts, computer monitor arms, keyboard arms and computer holders. Many futuristic contemporary pieces are crafted to be minimalistic in design and build to minimize unused or wasted space.

The Elegance of High-Tech

Modern elegance in furniture is always resting at the edge of contemporary style. Appearance is usually the most important concern when choosing contemporary high-tech computer furniture for your office. To display its architectural beauty to the utmost, it must match the interior design of your office. Purchasing furniture that complements each other is a way

The Amazing Quad Core Computer

Let us discuss the two main quad core computers launched by Intel and AMD. Intel was the first one to launch this computer under the name of Kentsfield, which is also called Core 2 Extreme quad-core QX6700, and it is no less than 80% faster than Conroe or Core 2 Extreme X6800.

The chips of these quad core computers are based on the latest `Core` micro architecture technology. It is not just low powered but also gives high performance. But don`t be fooled into thinking that Kentsfield is a power-saving computer by any means.

This computer with a 2.66GHz chip having a 1066MHz front-side bus (FSB) is ideally suited for those users that require heavy or highly accurate scientific calculations. It is generally used in the fields of actuarial sciences, digital content creation, financial applications and engineering analysis, like CAD. The director of Intel`s operations for digital enterprise group, Mr. Steve Smith, has claimed that this quad core computer will be 58% faster for crating digital content system, and for video, digital audio and photo editing.

To talk in simple words, Kentsfield and other such computers are not meant for ordinary people`s desk. They are

Choosing the Right Computer Repair

Every now and again I have customers come to me with computer problems that have been made worse by the previous “tech” they used. The last person who came to me had called a “computer repair engineer” he found in the small ads of a local newspaper after his PC became infected with a virus. Instead of cleaning the virus the tech guy performed what we call a “Nuke & Pave” which is a complete reinstall of the operating system, when he did the reinstall he used an illegal Windows license key and to make matters a lot worse when he installed the OS he managed to get it assigned to the “D:” drive letter instead of the “C:” drive.

These unscrupulous tech engineers often work for “cash in hand”, have no ethics, would not think twice about installing illegal software on their customers computers, and do not posses technical qualifications or enough experience to have any chance of repairing the problem to the customers satisfaction.

Often their customers are left with no comeback and end up turning to a qualified technician to correct the problems they created and sort out the original issues. The result

Solar Panels Provide a Green Energy Solution

Solar cell technology has been in existence for over 60 years. Solar modules, commonly referred to as photovoltaic panels, have been used to generate electricity from light ever since the silicon based semiconductor was invented. No longer a laboratory curiosity, solar cells are an industry unto themselves and are as common in energy generation as conventional power generation methods such as steam turbine driven generators and nuclear power plants. There are many solar energy collection methods in use and available today. We will investigate the more common electricity producing solar energy devices: photovoltaic cells and PV modules.

How does a PV module generate electricity from light?

Solar Cell

Solar cells are made of materials that are electrically activated when light strikes their surfaces. This unit, a solar cell, operates without moving parts and never wears out! Add many cells together and you have a solar array or a photovoltaic module. The more cells, the higher the power that is possible to generate from the modules.

Cell Layers

The top layer of the solar cell or wafer contains a silicon layer which has free electrons which are negatively charged particles. A boron enhanced bottom

Computer Games Present a Delicate Parental Balancing Act

Parents of teens who exhibit signs of active addiction to computer games may find the following discussion very enlightening.

Whether anyone cares to acknowledge it, games can be habit-forming. Virtual game developers employ every possible strategy to capture players’ sustained interest.

How do you identify the point at which your adolescent’s attachment to computer games has become obsessive? Engaging in gaming to the near-exclusion of other ordinary life activities is a clear sign. In such a case, it is very important for parents to prevent rational discussion of the matter from becoming a full-scale battle of wits and verbal insult “contest.”

Many modern teens acquire a high level of skillful debating ability early in life. Thus, their adult custodians must stay completely objective and compliment positive behavior when approaching teens who have become hooked on computer games. Do not allow the discussion to be diverted into a critical comparison of other parents who permit their youngsters to play such games for endless hours.

It is often easy for parents to believe themselves to be wiser than their kids and therefore capable of directing our offspring’s behavior while attempting to overlook our own faults. Do

Axe Tech Computer Repair

Purchasing a computer is really very essential in today’s world. With the innovation of the Internet and the facility of E-mail as a mode of communication, it is easy to see why most of the people like to have a computer in their office or home. Computers are just like anything else and there are various times when they do not operate as planned.

It is discouraging to be sitting at your desk, prepare to Play a Game or work on a document only to ascertain that your computer is not being cooperative. When it comes to the computer repair it is oftentimes wise to attempt out Professional help. A Computer technician is particularly trained to judge the problem and provide the best possible solution. There are certain kinds of computer repair that you may like to attempt yourself. These are normally minor fixes that can be addressed with a bit of attention and instruction to detail.

A computer repair that you may be capable to take care of yourself is the substitute of the Computer’s Battery or Fan. Each and every Desktop Computer contains a fan inside of it. This fan is utilized to keep

How is Silicon Valley and the US High Tech Computer Sector Doing

Every sector of the US Economy has felt the global economic crisis, some more than others; banking, auto manufacturing and hospitality industry to name a few. Still, some of the industry sectors we are most known for in the millennium have also been hard hit, harder than anyone cares to admit. So, let’s take a look at Silicon Valley and that realm shall we?

How is Silicon Valley and the US High Tech Computer Sector Doing, we ask? Well, we do not have to read very many headlines to consider the reality; AMD sales of computer chips down some 35% now, Intel over 20%; Yahoo lays off 600 employees after poor quarter, for example. Of course things just got a little worse as new unemployment rates came in from computer central in April of 2009; Silicon Valley unemployment pegged at 11% and expected to rise steeply before the recession ends.

Worse, it was promised by Larry Ellison to shareholders as he made a bid for Sun Micro that if Oracle buys Sun they will cut about 10,000 or more jobs. So, when you ask how things are doing, you can see; not so hot. On top

Speed Goes High-Tech

Modern cars come with performance chips in their electronic control unit. Most vehicles on the road have been tuned in such a way that they limit engine performance most often to comply with emission norms. However the computer chip inside your car can easily be programmed for engine optimization. You will notice increased gas mileage and smooth driving experience to start and on the long run, your engine will perform better as well. For maximum horsepower, you can use power chip, module, air intake, exhaust and spark plugs.

Upgrade Your Car’s Engine with a Performance Chip

Installation of a performance chip is relatively easy as it only requires to be plugged into the electrical system so it accepts validated data. Your car is capable of much more horsepower than you realize and remapping of the electronic control unit will only prove the same. Without overloading your vehicle any further, you will experience extra torque and power. You can program the power chips so you don’t have to deal with upgrading your engine entirely. But you need to buy one which is specific to your car’s make and year so you know it suits it best. Also

Tech-Computer Inspired Wedding Favors

Maybe you met your partner on an online dating site, MySpace, Facebook or any of the social media sites available today. Or perhaps you and your sweetie are computer geeks, designers, programmers, technicians or bloggers. Possibly you met in the office, or maybe you work in the IT department together. Whatever the case, there are fabulous computer inspired, tech driven wedding favors just for you! Even if your not a “computer geek” these wedding favors are so in tune with our computer oriented lifestyle, that they will work for just about everyone.

For those who are a slave to the keyboard, how about “LOVE” keyboard magnets? Show everyone in your wedding that love is the key to happiness. Each set contains five magnets one of each of the following letters on the keyboard: L, O, V, E plus an “enter” key! The set is packaged in a clear plastic protective case and comes with a matching personalized label for the front.

Was your love, love at first byte? Then maybe Bride and Groom computer dusters will fit your wedding perfectly. Sweep your guests away with these adorable dusters, one white (bride) and one black (groom) with

Mobile Tech Computing Future

Who says innovation is dead in America? Every time I turn around I’m reading an article of another innovative entrepreneur in the personal technology space. And, the rapid increase in new innovations in mobile computing technologies is a bit overwhelming, and we have been inundated with new ideas and great concepts for over a decade. Many people thought that after Silicon Valley crashed, that was that. But now we see companies like Apple, Google, and others have been coming out with new innovations faster than anyone could have imagined.

There was a very interesting article in Forbes Small Business Magazine in April of 2005 titled “Cell Calls by Balloon? And Arizona Entrepreneurs Cheap Weather Balloons Are Replacing Expensive Telecom Satellites,” by Justin Martin of Chandler Arizona. In this article, a small business person was using a weather balloons with a device not larger than a 4 one-gallon milk container dangling from underneath.

It seems that rather than building and launching more mobile communication satellites costing millions of dollars, this gentleman could merely use inexpensive weather balloons, with all the equipment needed for next to nothing. Indeed it is an awesome system to solve a real problem,

Tech Computer Logo Designs?

The sign of a well designed logo is that it is very easy to recall and the fonts that are used in the emblem play a big role there. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the logo fonts are as important as the design.

All the successful brands have crafted their monogram in such a way that they depict simplicity, distinctiveness and are memorable.

The following list consists of the font types that some of the popular tech computer logo brands have used which has made a major contribution in making their brand marks distinct, classy and memorable.

In most cases, you will notice that the type face used is straight and easily readable. That is because straight fonts give an impression of professionalism and proficiency while curvy fonts depict imagination and informality.

1. Clarendon Bold Expanded for Sony:

This is one of the simplest emblems to read and has a great recall rate. The font type is used in bold and expanded structure which makes the design unique while the neat edges of the text give it an air of proficiency. You look at this design and know that