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Home Computer Rentals

In recent years, the computer has become an indispensable part of human life. It has also tremendously influenced the activities, attitudes and the way masses think all over the world. Nowadays, most households have a computer. But, those who do not own one can get high tech computers for rental. Home computer rentals are a cost effective approach to access the latest technology for personal and professional use.

Depending on the need, you can rent any type, model, brand and number of computers for your home. There are countless companies that provide home computers for rental. Aardvark and Capital Computer Rental are two of the prominent companies dealing with home computer rentals. Most computer rental companies operate online, to meet the immediate demands of customers. Today, almost all top brands such as Intel, Dell, Compaq, Toshiba and Apple can be availed on rental for household purposes.

The main benefit of home computer rentals is that you get the opportunity to use recent models and the latest operating systems. Thus, you need not upgrade or change your home computer with the rapid changes in the market. Home computer rentals also avoid all the hassles of computer maintenance.

Depending on the need, computers can be obtained for short term and long term rentals. Rates will be based on the period and model of the rental. Generally, laptop computers are more expensive than desktop computers. The differences in rental rates are marginal from one company to another. It is always recommended to consider the duration while renting a computer for household use. Purchasing a computer will be a better option than renting it for a long period. For example, the rental cost of a Pentium 4 desktop computer is around $149 for a week; for a year or a month, the rate will be much higher. But a Pentium 4 desktop computer may be bought for around $4,000.

Career in Computer Science With Cyber Security

Cyber forensics is studied as part of the digital forensic science subject. It pertains to the legal evidence lying in the digital storage media and the cyber space. Since the advent of digital age, the need to have cyber professionals has grown exponentially. It has basically resulted from the internet explosion in India that was witnessed recently owing to e-governance, e-banking, e-commerce and social media.

The demand for the course of B. Tech. Computer Science with Cyber Security and Forensics was triggered with continuous attacks on social media and its misuse. So, there was a cyber terrorism threat to the internet security of our country which it was not properly equipped to handle. After this threat started to impact the national security, the Indian government passed a resolution to have its cyber protection architecture in place at the national level.

Cyber Security Policy for Data Protection

The policy was proposed in 2011 seeking to protect the national assets from cyber-attacks and offering protection to the information of citizens. It was also directed at strengthening team dealing with Computer Emergency Response to audit, protect and spread awareness about the issue along with encouraging open standards. It is estimated that by the end of 2015, India may need about five lakh experts in to handle its cyber security to support the growing internet economy.

Opportunities with Different Sectors

The financial sector itself is going to hire about two lakh people including those working for oil and gas, power, utility, airlines, telcos and government. So, the government is looking forward to hiring such professionals for its e-governance and law and order departments. The massive hiring is expected as the Indian information security market continues to see an upward trend despite an economic slowdown.

Topics to be Covered

Therefore, a B. Tech. degree in computer science with specialisation in cyber security and forensics is soon to be introduced by many universities in India. As there was a need to have a curriculum for information protection, the head of departments introduced the course in their respective institutions to meet the talent demand. They started teaching subjects including environmental studies, introduction to open source software and open standards, HTML programming, mathematical logic, data structures using C and engineering graphics.

In addition, papers like computer systems architecture, information security fundamentals, design and analysis of algorithms, database management systems and data modelling with electronic devices and circuits were added. Also, subjects, such as microprocessors and embedded systems, storage technology foundation, philosophy of science and theory of automata and computation were taught as part of this discipline.

Computer Forensics Labs

Computer forensics labs are high-tech labs that are used for rendering computer forensic and other investigative services. Various software and techniques are used during the process of investigation, including password cracker, email converters, or the EnCase or Forensic Toolkit (FTK) software applications.

Initially, an exact replica of the hard disc drive is created, so that the evidence can be evaluated and processed from a forensic file. The identifying leads and computer evidence contained in files proves crucial in determining the outcome of the case. The findings are then documented, and the opinions of experts are taken. The expert witness testimony proves very helpful to clarify technical computer issues in the litigation process. With the help of customized software, the forensics investigators can retrieve deleted data, hidden data and password-protected data. The retrieved data is then carefully documented and recorded in reports that are then presented at times of litigation.

On an average only 10 percent of these files may actually be used in litigation cases. Customized software is used to filter out unnecessary data, based on data relevant parameters coated on the software. Around 25 percent of the original data set can be filtered, using intelligent filtering methods. It is also used to remove duplicated items from the database, saving thousands of dollars for the company.

Computer evidence often decides the results of civil or criminal actions. Cases involving trade secrets, commercial disputes, misdemeanor and felony crimes can be won or lost with the introduction of lost computer evidence. The latest high tech labs are equipped to recover such data.

Computers are widely used for criminal activities such as hacking, credit card frauds and Intellectual property right crimes. This has created a rising need for forensic labs that are capable of collecting lost electronic evidences. These high-tech Computer forensic labs are surely an alarm for lawbreakers.

Updating Your Computer Furniture

Purchasing high tech computer furniture can be an amazing addition to your contemporary style office. With the latest designs from leading manufacturers, many pieces add that instant pop to the decor of the room. High tech computer furniture is designed to be functional and ergonomic while still adding a very sleek ultra-contemporary style. Many leading manufacturers offer a huge variety of styles to meet the needs of every contemporary design.

Available Designs

High-tech computer furniture is constructed in multiple styles to accommodate any type of configuration you require. This includes single tier and dual tier computer workstations, telescopic computer carts, computer racks, corner computer desks, computer wall mounts, computer monitor arms, keyboard arms and computer holders. Many futuristic contemporary pieces are crafted to be minimalistic in design and build to minimize unused or wasted space.

The Elegance of High-Tech

Modern elegance in furniture is always resting at the edge of contemporary style. Appearance is usually the most important concern when choosing contemporary high-tech computer furniture for your office. To display its architectural beauty to the utmost, it must match the interior design of your office. Purchasing furniture that complements each other is a way to radiate its elegant beauty to create a glowing atmosphere all around your work environment.

The Materials

Top quality high-tech computer furniture is fabricated from stylish, strong, durable materials. Most of the steel used is finished with an epoxy powder coating, and crafted to reduce scratching and dents. Many manufacturers allow the purchaser to customize their choice of finishes. Most high-tech office furniture uses dense tempered glass for an ultra-sleek look.

Your Contemporary Design

In your design of your new contemporary office you will want to consider the office furniture you need, the computer systems you will run, and any electronic upgrades you need to perform, before making your purchase. Great care should be taken in selecting the best office chair and desk to accommodate long days of sitting at your workstation. Find a desk large enough to handle your LED monitors, your computer, keyboard and mouse, while still providing enough additional space to perform other duties.

To eliminate unnecessary wiring between your computer and the Internet consider employing wireless technology. Purchasing devices that are Wi-Fi ready can significantly decrease the amount of unnecessary and unsightly wires in your new sleek contemporary design office.

Dual Tier Computer Workstations

As a way to maximize desktop space, dual tier computer workstations are generally crafted with independently electronic height adjustable levels. This allows the user to easily adjust the position and height of monitors while all providing easy adjustment height of the work surface when either standing up or sitting down. Offering maximum flexibility for multiple users, it allows for optimal body comfort and the proper positioning of each user while at their workstation.