How iPhone 5 is different from its Predecessors

Apple finally released iPhone 5 to the world. Let’s admit that no other phone ever formed as much excitement and anticipation as iPhone. Apple announced iPhone 5 as “the biggest change to iPhone since iPhone”. Most of us probably remembered that when iPad was first launched, critics named it as oversized iPod Touch. In same manner people criticized iPhone 5 for just being taller. Here we are going to evaluate the changes which Apple has brought to its 5th generation smartphone.

Design and Hardware

 It is a spanking new product built with the design almost similar to iPhone 4S but with some very superior and elegant modifications. Apple at last enlarged the screen size from 3.5 inches to 4.0 inches making it taller but not wider. Enlarged length is not only feature of this new smartphone, iPhone 5 is distinctly thinner and lighter also than iPhone 4S. It is launched in two different color combinations, one is White and Silver which almost looks like 4S and other is Black and Slate in which silver antenna band around phone is black making it really very special. Shallow angled edges and these small changes helped to produce an elegant design. 9-pin connector port is introduced in place of 30-pin connector port and headphone jack is repositioned at bottom. With three microphones for noise cancellation, microphone and speaker grills are wider. Back cover of the phone is now built with far above the ground quality aluminium with two floor coverings of glass on top and bottom. Nano-SIM technology is brought into play instead of micro-SIM.


 Although here, Apple’s retina display technology is same as in iPhone 4S but increased display resolution of 1136×640 with aspect ratio 16:9 provides an astonishing experience while watching widescreen movies. Even gaming experience can’t be defined in words because of its fabulous graphics and really very high-speed Apple A6 dual core processor.

 Core of iPhone 5 – iOS 6

 In view of the fact that screen sized is changed, iOS 6 is also enhanced according to the capacity of iPhone 5 and you will find an extra row of apps on home screen. Now apps designers must have to adjust with this change but Apple on their own end has already engaged in this problem. Apps which are not yet modified will run in “letterboxed” mode in their inhabitant resolution by centering itself on screen. Among other changes in iOS6 is Facebook integration which lets you update and post Facebook status from notification centre. YouTube is eliminated from iOS 6 because of licensing issues but you can download it from App Store. Siri on iPhone 5 is now much intelligent and responds even more logically moreover can post and tweet for you. Another change which might be disappointing for many of the iPhone fans is that Apple has final removed Google Maps from iOS6 and introduced their own version of maps app. New app holds many striking features like turn by turn navigation and Flyover mode which helps you to experience 3D view of cities of some selected countries. On other hand, lack of some vital information on Apple Maps app stands it as buggy app and many people are complaining about its poor performance.

 I personally believe that Apple always meant to design a product to fulfill customer satisfaction level and enhance user experience. With iPhone 5, they are fairly successful in it. My advice for the users who are planning to purchase iPhone 5, is not to compare an Apple with orange.

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