RecognizeMe hinges on facial recognition to unlock an iPhone

The technology has been here. Everything you can visit in the picture also in the motion picture after the jump is RecognizeMe, an Application that is just usable with jailbroken iPhones. This App uses the Facetime camera as a way to recognized the registered user, and only then it will unlock the phone.The person needs fingerswipes and passwords? Just consider the iPhone, that’s anything you’ll are probably doing anyway should you have your iPhone available.In addition, there exists apparently loads of setting thresholds and all sorts of methods to insure that evil identical twin brother or sister can’t experience your valuable information. I m wondering the way it are capable of doing that, and if it’d work should you be wearing glasses. Furthermore don’t have any word on how long it takes to scan the face. Whether it takes any longer than immediately, then this App is very counter-productive.Anyway, for all those you jailbroken iPhone users out there, RecognizeMe is developed by Apocolipse with a asking price of $7

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