Absolutely free just turn your Android device into Ebook Reader


The rapid spread of cheaper priced smartphones made it possible for users to do many things on the phone itself which hitherto needed many other gadgets. Many users of smartphones and tablets based on Android users are now using their gadgets for reading e-books. Some of the latest e-book reading apps available for Android give […]

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Google Cloud Messaging and Android


Google had a mobile application called Android Cloud to Device Messaging until it was deprecated in June, 2012. This mobile application has been replaced by GCM or Google Cloud Messaging for Android. The Android developer website defines GCM as a service that will help developers send data from their own servers to their Android apps […]

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5 Android Games Released Freshly in 2012

new android_games_2012

If you have had all you can take with Angry Birds, Diner Dash, Fruit Ninja and all the usual round of games on the Android, then you are probably dying to try out something new on your Android device. If so, then here are five greatly recommended games that are guaranteed to keep you entertained […]

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5 Android Apps For Busy Dads


Gone are the days when your cell phone’s primary and only use was making and receiving calls. It’s the era of hi-tech gizmos. Smartphones, tablets (not the ones you swallow!), iPods, notebook computers and what not. If you don’t own any of these then you’re duh. Everyone is in a scramble to buy the latest, […]

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5 Useful Android Apps For Students


Thanks to technological advancements, students today can be able to get about with their day-to-day life at college without having to carry files upon files of text books and reference material. Thanks to your android powered device, today you can be able to download as many android apps as you possibly wish to make your […]

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Great Root Apps For Android Device


The Android based cellphone devices are great gadgets to have fun and entertainment besides being a good communication instrument. The number of interesting applications makes these phones great and ideal stuff. However, to enable your android based cellphones you need to root these devices which means giving authorization on your devices. Rooting can be an […]

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