Fling Analog Joystick enhances gaming experience on iPad

Fling Analog joystick

  In order to truly appreciate this iPad add-on, one has to understand how a joystick-like game controller can transform gaming experience. Fling is a tactile joystick for the iPad, designed by Ten One Design. The tiny suction cups on the fling allow it to stick along the edge of the iPad’s screen, and it [...]

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Wallee iPad Case


  There are thousands of gadgets for iPad already in the market and many more in the pipeline. Today, we are going to introduce another gadget which is known as Wallee iPad Case. It lets you turn your iPad into a wall mounted solution. All you need to screw the backplate slide your iPad into [...]

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Apple iPad 2, An Overlook


  Apple’s iPad 2 is last year’s the most successful iPad and it is one and the same when it comes to its software and hardware. iPad 2 is powered by new dual core 1 GHz A 5 CPU with 512 MB of RAM which makes it really powerful. iPad 2 is unbelievably thin which [...]

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