Facebook Home: Exploring New Possibilities

Of all the ways to use wireless internet, new phones running the brand new Facebook Home “OS” may be the most interesting. The new layer known as Facebook Home is specifically for the Android operating system. It’s more of a home app then a true operating system, however. But the idea is that if you […]

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A Roundup of All the News about Apple’s Upcoming Products

Apple Upcoming Products

Time and again, Apple has publicly stated that it will never talk about any upcoming products and pricing strategies. Apple engineers, designers and supply chain partners sign a nondisclosure agreement and this ensures total secrecy. Despite this, the company keeps the Internet rumor mills spinning. Steve Jobs, during an even quoted Bob Dylan that went […]

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LG Unveils Optimus Pro G – 5-inch Smartphone

LG Optimus Pro G

LG has officially confirmed it plans to release a smartphone named Optimus Pro G sometime in April this year. Earlier to the unveiling, some images of the new smartphone were leaked and could be seen on tech-gadget websites. The announcement was made by NTT DoCoMo, and every details seen in the leaked image is now […]

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Apple’s Curved Glass for iWatch undergoes testing

Apple iWatch Curved Glass

In recent tech news, Apple’s latest gadget iWatch is set to feature a curved glass screen – a feature that will set it apart from its main rivals. Apple says that the “Dick Tracy” type of watch is back again, and Apple has been experimenting with the watch. iOS technology to reveal more of Apple’s […]

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Asus ME301T MeMoPad 10 – Review

Asus ME301T MeMoPad 10

It is surprising to most of us gadget reviewers that not all high-profile gadgets were unveiled at the CES 2013. Some of the most awaited gadgets of CES 2013 like the ASUS ME301T were obvious by their absence. ASUS ME301T from the Taiwanese based company was kept a secret for the most part of CES […]

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The History Of Samsung – South Korea’s Goliath

Samsung History

Look around your home and it is likely that you have at least one item that is made by Samsung.  Be that your mobile phone, your television, your fridge, your toaster or your DVD player, Samsung is truly in all of our homes.  Some would say it is South Korea’s Goliath and just like with […]

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Top Ten Cloud Backup Software& Reviews

top Cloud backup

Clouding systems have become extremely popular in the last couple of years due to the fact that they have managed to change the way people store and connect to data. Basically, a cloud is a place where you can store everything that you are interested in and access it from various devices in various places; […]

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Beating The Competition: Blackberry’s Z10 Or Apple’s IPhone 5?

Blackberry z10 vs iPhone 5

The phone industry is in a haze; Blackberry and Apple are fighting it out to attract the attention of the customers towards their latest gadgets. While Blackberry is enjoying the limelight with its comeback handset Blackberry Z10, Apple has already had its share of fame and stardom. The fight continues Consumers are flanked with tough […]

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Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV – Rumors Roundup

Samsung Galaxy S4

Most people were eagerly waiting to get quick previews of the Samsung Galaxy S IV at the upcoming mobile world congress 2013 to be held in the last week of February at Barcelona. However, sneak previews can be had much earlier than that and one need not wait for more than a month for that. […]

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3D Printers In Your Home

Printer Cube 3D

3D printing is a great way to print almost anything. Layer by layer you can print any electronic device, statues, plastic parts and much more. Back in the 1970s no one could predict a bright future for the personal computers. Right now, it would be impossible to image our lives without internet, a laptop or […]

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