Logitech HD webcam B525 brings video chats to business circles


A webcam has proved to be a decoration that you could live without, although those who have the ailment associated with long distance connectionsmight beg to differ. In any case, there isn’t anything quite like seeing the one that you love in the flesh inspite of being separated by lots and lots of miles, which [...]

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LaserKey CL850 Projection Keyboard


Remember the movie, Minority Report (2002)? Futuristic dystopia, yes, but all the cool gadgets that the protagonist had, were absolutely to-die-for. Well you can have something just as good. A Bluetooth laser keyboard that projects a multi-touch keyboard on virtually any flat surface! Imagine taking this out in a crowded restaurant to type out a [...]

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Belkin Conserve Valet


  Belkin Conserve Valet is a USB charging station that lets you conveniently charge your mobile devices in one place. The device automatically turns off, even standby power, hwen no devices are charging or after devices are fully charged. Its smart technology even “senses”  when new devices are added, thus ensuring that devices are always fully [...]

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USB Bamboo Mini Mill Fountain to Decorate your Workspace


  Here is a must have gadget for thoese who wish to decorate their physical workspace along with their virtual desktop. The USB bamboo mini fountain is a Japnese-style decoration for your workspace. The water from the fountain flows through the bamboos into the base of the fountain, and is then circulated to the top, [...]

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