Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified on the PS Vita

Everyone in the gaming community is familiar with the Call of Duty franchise. It has received rave reviews, harsh criticisms, and countless sequels. Call of Duty: Block Ops Declassified, on the PS Vita, is shaping up to be one of the worst installments in the series to date.

Billed as one of the must-have games of the holiday season, Black Ops Declassified is flying off the shelves. With a game sporting advertising budget nearly as large as a Hollywood blockbuster nothing else is to be expected.

Critics are ripping the game apart, citing its numerous flaws, including bugs, glitches, and an AI that couldn’t compete with a bowl of molded jelly.

Some of the industry’s most respected sources have bashed Black Ops Declassified, warning consumers to save their money and avoid the hassles. Game Informer, one of the country’s most popular magazines, has referred to the game as “a complete embarrassment,” and “an absolute mess.”

Other sources have shared similar feelings and warnings.

What’s it Like to Play Black Ops Declassified?

Imagine that your enemies hide behind a car, shooting at it until it explodes. Imagine a campaign mode that can be completed in less than 45 minutes. Imagine the exact opposite of what you consider a fun, exciting, and thrilling first person shooter. You have just imagined the experience that Black Ops Declassified delivers.

The game play is frighteningly familiar to free flash based first person shooters that have become abundant on the web. Sadly, there are several that are far superior to this $50 title. If Block Ops Declassified were found as a free-to-play game on Kongregate or New Grounds, it may be appreciated and seen as one of the best games ever. That’s not the case.

Is Black Ops Declassified an Essential Installment in the Franchise?

While there are some interesting plot elements, including a twist that you won’t see coming, there is little here that hasn’t been done in other Call of Duty games. It is a sequel to the original Black Ops, in a way, but it diverges from the expected storyline and goes off to do its own thing.

Some critics have called the game intentionally subpar. They cite maps that feel way too small – imagine being confined to an inner-city elementary school playground. That’s what many of the maps are like.

What Really Happened with Black Ops Declassified?

Industry insiders are citing a lack of effort on the part of the producers and publishers. The franchise, like many others, is guaranteed to sell no matter how bad the game play actually is. Many feel that this may be the beginning of the end, and unless the next Call of Duty game makes up for everything that Black Ops Declassified lacks, it may very well be the case.

With a game as huge as the Call of Duty franchise, the publisher knows their reputation and marketing can move impressive numbers of the game. Quality is not needed when it comes to a franchise of this magnitude.

So far, sales have been impressive, but with the cries of not only professional game reviewers, but also average gamers, the series may be in trouble.

It’s impossible to say what will happen next with the Call of Duty series. It is absolutely necessary for the next installment to impress the fans in a way that only the original Call of Duty was able to achieve. If the next game in the series is only as good as those that came before Black Ops Declassified, we may very well see Call of Duty go from bringing in boat loads of money to bringing in nothing more than sentimental nostalgia.

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