USB Bamboo Mini Mill Fountain to Decorate your Workspace


Here is a must have gadget for thoese who wish to decorate their physical workspace along with their virtual desktop. The USB bamboo mini fountain is a Japnese-style decoration for your workspace. The water from the fountain flows through the bamboos into the base of the fountain, and is then circulated to the top, using electric power from the USB cable. Not only does the mill fountain decorate your desk, but also uplifts your mood as it lends a soothing ambience to your workstation.

The Fountain is constructed out of durable polyresin. In order to use the device, you may either connect it to your computer, via the USB cable or use it with an AC adaptor with a USB interface. The gizmo does not require a lot of space as its dimensions are 126 x 126 x 176 millimeters and weighs around 500 grams.

The quirky gadget costs 17.66 US dollors. Various models of the USB fountain are also available from the store.


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