3 Must Have iPad Apps for High-School Students

Many schools allow their students to bring their iPad devices to the classrooms. This is a good step taken by them, owing to the fact that there are a number of education iPad apps available for students on the iTunes Store to choose from and use in order to improve their academic performance.

Some of these apps are particularly useful if you are a high school student. Let’s take a look at three such popular iPad apps that you can benefit from.


PaperDesk is an apt app for taking classroom notes on your iPad device instead of filling up notebooks. The app includes quick and responsive note taking and audio recording (while typing) which makes it easy to take notes during lectures. It also supports scores of color for drawing with 20 level undo support. Alternatively, you can insert images from folders or from the camera.

Once you have made your notes, you can organize all your notebooks by their name or date and bookmark the pages to navigate through them easily. If needed, you can also import PDFs or export your notes via email, Google Docs, Dropbox or Twitter.

To ensure that all your documents are stored securely the app provides you the option of Automatic Dropbox backup.


Use the Instapaper app to save web pages to read them offline when you have time. The app saves most of the web pages in a ‘text-only’ format and does away with full-sized layout to optimize it for your iPad screens. You can download as many as 500 articles on your iPad devices and store unlimited articles on the Instapaper website.

You will find this app particularly helpful when you come across some really informative articles but want to save them to read at leisure; you can access these articles offline and read them on the go. Similarly, you can send lengthy emails to this app and read them later.

You can also browse through articles posted by your friends on various social media sites or go through Editor’s Picks (hand-picked articles from most-saved stories using this app). The other prominent features include but are not limited to adjustable fonts, brightness control, folders for organization and sharing option on various sites and via email.


Pages is an impressive word processor to be used on the iPad device. You can choose Apple-designed templates and styles to draft letters, reports, flyers, cards or posters for your work.

Customize your document with colors, fonts or any texture that you like. Furthermore, you can add various images to your documents using the Media Browser or use dynamic text wrapping feature to pep up your documents.

After saving your work, you can browse your document using the ‘page navigator’ that shows thumbnail preview of each page. It also gives you a unique undo feature – that lets you go to your previous changes even when you close the document and open it again.

The biggest advantage of this app is that it works with iCloud and you can access your documents on all your iOS devices.

I am sure that all you high-schoolers out there will love to use these apps on your iPads. Apart from these, you can find many other useful apps and use them to increase your productivity.

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