5 Smartphones To Rule In 2013

smartphones-2013The 2012 year can fairly be called a year of mobile innovations. iPhone 5 from Apple, Galaxy line from Samsung, Touch Xperia from Sony, Nexus 4 from LG don’t make a complete list of the gadgets that have been released this year, the gadgets that have changed the face of mobility. Today smartphones are not only phones, sometimes they are even more powerful than the pcs we have.
But the incoming 2013 year promises to be even more grandiose in mobile sense. The market is waiting for the new Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry 10, iPhone 5S and the new gadget from HTC – Opera UL.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Galaxy S3 is one of the best sold gadgets today. That’s why Samsung has great expectations to the new generation of the gadget – Samsung Galaxy S4. The device is just being developed but the tech specs that it might get are discussed even now. The users think it may get a 4.99 inches AMOLED screen with 13 MP camera and the support of the most recent types of networks (including 4G) for file sharing. The official release of the phone is supposed to take place somewhere in February or March of 2013 during Mobile World Congress.

Apple iPhone 5S

The release of iPhone 5 was a highly celebrated one. Millions of Apple fans waited for it with impatience. The sales rates are beating all possible records. And now Apple is expected to release it new version of iPhone 5 – 5S in just a half a year time. Moreover, new iPhone 5S is (supposingly!) to be released in several colors, just like Lumia phones. The developers of 5S promise to surprise the users not only by the design, but also by the new set of extended functionalities.

BlackBerry 10

Several years ago RIM was #1 in delivering the secured smartphones all over the world. But today RIM is losing its positions. It is a fact with which the company is trying to fight. Just two days ago it got known that RIM has started to send invitation to its new conference that will take place very soon, somewhere in the beginning of 2013. The company is about to bring two totally devices that are supposed to take interactivity to the new level. It is almost for sure that these two smartphones will get QWERTY keyboards (almost a trademark of RIM gadgets). So, even if the phones don’t become best sold smartphones in 2013, at least they will attract lots of public attention.

Nokia Lumia 830 Zeal

Step by step, but very persistently Nokia is conquering the market of smartphones just like it used to conquer the market of usual phones several years ago. Today it has announced a new budget Lumia 505 phone, but it is just an “appetizer” for the incoming release of its Lumina 830 Zeal. Some of the specs and photos of the gadgets have been leaked several months ago. It will run Windows 8 (not a surprise), it will have a 4.3 inches screen with a WVGA display. Other specs are still covered with the dark shadows, and the company may still surprise the users with some unknown “things” as it promises to become a killer of current all-look-the-same smartphones.

HTC Opera UL

Another big player in this mobile game is HTC with its smartphones. HTC Opera UL smartphones is being developed to become a best sold device in 2013. Again, the exact specifications are hidden, but it is expected to get a 1280×720 pixels HD display, 1.4 GHz chipset Qualcomm snapdragon S4 processor, dual core Adreno 305 CPU, Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. Of course, it is not a full set of specs and services that HTC will present in a new smartphone. But it is highly probable that the phone will get all recent developments in the sphere of voice recognition, socializing and photo editing.

Well, this is the top 5 of the smartphones that are going to enrich the modern market of mobile devices. Will they totally change it? May be, it will depend only on the innovative developments that will be applied there. Anyway, to see the future we need to wait just several weeks.

This post is written by Kate Merzlova, a tech writer from Intellectsoft LLC, an international android application development company. To find out more about the services we provide, follow us on Twitter

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