Difficult Decisions – The LG Nexus 4 vs. The HTC One X+

LG Nexus 4 vs. The HTC One X+Some phones look more different than others. It’s always pretty easy to pick an Apple iPhone out of a pack, for example. And then there are the ones that you need to get up close and personal with in order to see which is which. The LG Nexus 4 and the HTC One X+ fall into the latter category. It’s truly hard to see which is which until you’re face to face with them. That doesn’t have to mean that they’re completely equal, although in this case, it actually does mean that. There’s so little difference between these two handsets that they might as well be twins. That means that making a decision between them is incredibly difficult. Whilst there are a few differences, they do seem to balance each other out. Let’s have a look in more detail.

Why Choose the Nexus 4?

Okay, the biggest difference on paper is that the Nexus 4 gets twelve times higher maximum data speeds. This should mean that you get faster web page loading and downloads. However, that isn’t necessarily so, since most people have their data speed capped by their cell phone company, and therefore never reach anywhere need their phone’s maximum data transfer speed.

The Nexus does come with double the RAM though, making the phone a little more responsive and better at multi-tasking, or opening and running multiple apps and not crashing.

The screen has around ten per cent better resolution, meaning the picture quality is slightly brighter and sharper, although it is difficult to notice this unless the phones are side by side.

And finally, you get about double the talk time per battery charge cycle on the Nexus, but for good reason which you’ll discover in a moment…

Why Choose the HTC One X+?

There are a couple of advantages to the HTC, both of which are rather large. The first is that it comes with way more internal storage. The Nexus comes with 8 GB of memory, the HTC with a whopping 64 GB. This means that you can store eight times more music, data, movies and photos on the HTC, which is a pretty big difference.

The second thing is that the HTC runs a faster processor, coming with a 1700 MHz processor as compared to the Nexus’s 1500 MHz. This makes the phone ten per cent more powerful and faster, and this huge processor sucking out the battery power is the reason that you get so much less talk time on the HTC as compared to the Nexus.

How to Choose Between Them?

They really are like twins, and choosing between them is so difficult. Most of the differences balance each other out and don’t particularly help in the decision making process. And given that they look identical, we can’t even go on looks alone. However, there is one big stand out difference, and that’s the amount of internal storage space. 64 GB compared to 8 GB is a lot. Really a lot. For that reason, and that reason only, we’d go with the HTC One X+ over the Nexus 4.

Phil Turner is leaning towards buying an Android tablet and just keeping his old PAYG phone.

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