Motorola Motosmart – A Budget Smartphone with Bells

Motorola MotosmartMotorola is now beginning to make their mark in the smartphone market and the Motosmart is a handset that most will find competes very well with similar priced handsets.  This particular phone has been designed for those who have a lower budget but who still want the great features of a smartphone.


The design of the handset is very similar to the Motoluxe, which is Motorola’s option for those who have a little more cash to splash. The Motosmart is very well made and it is perfect for those who are new to smartphone use. The screen measures just 3.5 inches, which means that you can easily view images and text, although it is perhaps not the best handset for those who want to use it for gaming.  The Android operating system is good although it is the older Gingerbread version.  There are plans for this phone to be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich which is a much more popular operating system.

Using the Phone

One of the benefits of this handset is the MotoSwitch feature.  This will list the content on the phone in order of frequency used so your contacts and apps will come in order of use.  Everything you use most will then appear on the homescreen, making them much more accessible.

Connect to the internet with 3G or Wi-Fi and there is also a Bluetooth option. The battery life on the handset is also reasonably good.  Motorola estimates that there is around 8 hours of talk time and a fairly heavy user of the phone will get a day from it. Lighter users may get up to two days.

Memory and Power

The handset has been fitted with a single core processor of 800MHz which is fairly basic when compared to other smartphones although it is perfectly adequate for those who are new to smartphone usage or who do not need to regularly access a lot of apps.  The internal storage will be disappointing for many users too, with just 165MB, but there is the option to expand this with a microSD card. Anyone who wants to take a lot of photos or store music on the phone will need an expansion card straight away.


The camera on the handset is 3 megapixels and not the most powerful but fine for those who just want to take the odd snap while they are out and about. There is no LED flash this is not the end of the world. The video camera option is also adequate for the basic user.  Add to this the video and audio player features and the phone becomes a good option for the multi-media enthusiast.


Not everyone has hundreds of pounds to spend on a handset so why not look at the lower end of the market? This is a perfectly respectable handset for those who have never used a smartphone before and it is a great introduction to the Android operating system and apps that go with it.

Phil Turner has been studying mobile phone deals for a few weeks now and is amazed at the range of deals that are available.

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