Mobile Tech Computing Future

Who says innovation is dead in America? Every time I turn around I’m reading an article of another innovative entrepreneur in the personal technology space. And, the rapid increase in new innovations in mobile computing technologies is a bit overwhelming, and we have been inundated with new ideas and great concepts for over a decade. Many people thought that after Silicon Valley crashed, that was that. But now we see companies like Apple, Google, and others have been coming out with new innovations faster than anyone could have imagined.

There was a very interesting article in Forbes Small Business Magazine in April of 2005 titled “Cell Calls by Balloon? And Arizona Entrepreneurs Cheap Weather Balloons Are Replacing Expensive Telecom Satellites,” by Justin Martin of Chandler Arizona. In this article, a small business person was using a weather balloons with a device not larger than a 4 one-gallon milk container dangling from underneath.

It seems that rather than building and launching more mobile communication satellites costing millions of dollars, this gentleman could merely use inexpensive weather balloons, with all the equipment needed for next to nothing. Indeed it is an awesome system to solve a real problem, and his total cost for each unit is only $400. And “if he launched another Balloon every 12 hours, the annual cost would only be $300,000 total,” easily competing with the costs to put up a satellite and keep that system working.

Is this the future of mobile technology, would you one day be using your laptop, notebook, or perhaps your Tablet PC and hooking to the Internet via a cheap weather balloon – maybe. And you have full access to the Internet, mobile phone, texting, e-mails, and everything that your iPhone can do, anything you could ever care to do on a Tablet PC. It is indeed a brilliant concept, and if you’d like to look into this more, I recommend you look up this article on the Internet. Indeed I hope you please consider all this.