4 Essential Solar-Powered Gadgets for Camping Trips

Camping is one of the best activities that any nature lover can participate in. There is a strange lure to the concept of sacrificing most modern amenities and trekking to a desolate place to spend some time under the open skies. Camping is often seen as an activity where a person is expected to ‘rough it out’.

However, technological breakthroughs have ensured that campers don’t have to suffer just because they enjoy spending time in the wild. The lack of constant traditional power supply means that solar-powered gadgets are a huge hit with those going camping. Here are 4 essential gadgets that every camper should have.

Solar Spark Lighter

Getting a fire started can become one of the most arduous tasks on a camping trip. For safety reasons, most campers minimize the amount of inflammable material that they carry. The solar spark lighter works on the same principle used by ancient Greeks to light the Olympic torch. The curved and reflective surface of the lighter focuses the rays of the sun on a single spot and reaches temperatures high enough to light kindling. Use the solar spark lighter during the day and save your precious lighter fuel for use at night.

Charging Tree

Charging your phone or mp3 player, when camping, isn’t really a viable option. Most campers often have to take fully-charged spare batteries. If the device has an in-built battery, then there isn’t much you can do about it once it runs out of juice. It is in situations like this that the solar-powered charging tree proves to be worth every penny. The multiple solar panels on the branches harness the power of the sun so that you can recharge your electronic devices. The in-built battery stores up energy for later use and can also be recharged using an electrical outlet. All components detach and reassemble easily allowing for ease in transportation.

Solar Charging Backpack

Backpacking can be a lot of fun no matter where you are going or who you are going with. However, what isn’t fun is having your electronic items lose battery life as they just sit around in your backpack. The solar charging backpack has reflective solar panels that produce enough power to recharge most batteries, including laptops. Besides being very functional, the backpacks are also very cool to look at.

Solar Lantern

Lanterns are essential for any overnight camping trip. The traditional lanterns, requiring liquid fuel, had been replaced by modern electric lanterns a long time ago. However, the lanterns aren’t that great when it comes to power consumption and you could find yourself stuck with a non-functioning lantern after just one night. The solar lantern allows you to recharge it every day by simply keeping it out in the sun. Whenever you turn it on during the night, you can be rest assured that it has enough power to last the night if necessary.

Camping is supposed to be a fun activity and these solar-powered gadgets help ensure that you have an easy time on a camping trip, without having to worry about finding electrical outlets for your devices.

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