Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display Review


Competition in the world of laptops is quite heated, and to be on top of the game, laptop manufacturers are always improving their products to attract more customers. Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display is a great example of such a product. This laptop is a market changer and will definitely raise the bar in [...]

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Aperture – A Great Post Production Tool For Photographers


Aperture is a photo editing and management application developed by Apple to handle post production work. The most important feature of Aperture is non destructive editing; where the original files are not modified in the course of editing. The application can be used for corrective adjustment and to apply effects. Aperture supports third party plug-ins [...]

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The Best Apps For Streaming Movies/TV Shows to iPad


  Streaming movies and TV shows to your iPad is great, especially if you are on the go. All you need is a great app, Comcast cable Internet or another Internet source and you are ready to start watching your favorite shows or movies. There is one step that may take a little bit of time: [...]

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Apple MacBook Pros making its debut in 2012 with Super-high 2880 x 1800 resolution


Apple is practicing everything it will to differentiate its type of laptops, the MacBook Pro, from dozens of other “PCs” available. Nonetheless it appears that anything Apple does is copied, along with one or two cases made substantially better. Now Apple’s got another trick up its sleeve; a super-high resolution display because of its MacBook [...]

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Apple iPhone 4S unveiled


It’s verified! Apple will be releasing an updated iPhone 4 within a shape of many iPhone 4S.Almost identical on the outside into the iPhone 4, inside it’s business, and all updated tech.With an Apple-designed A5 chip inside (similar to the only one inside the iPad 2) it’s as much as 2x faster than the very [...]

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Apple iPad 2, An Overlook


  Apple’s iPad 2 is last year’s the most successful iPad and it is one and the same when it comes to its software and hardware. iPad 2 is powered by new dual core 1 GHz A 5 CPU with 512 MB of RAM which makes it really powerful. iPad 2 is unbelievably thin which [...]

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