iPhone And iPad Apps For WordPress Users

iPhone iPad Apps for wordpress

WordPress users, be it a designer, developer, or blogger, can now indulge in their activity in a simpler and easier way right from their iPad or iPhone. There are few apps, that these users can rely on so execute your hobby or profession even while you are on the move. Check out the write-up to [...]

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The Best Apps For Streaming Movies/TV Shows to iPad


  Streaming movies and TV shows to your iPad is great, especially if you are on the go. All you need is a great app, Comcast cable Internet or another Internet source and you are ready to start watching your favorite shows or movies. There is one step that may take a little bit of time: [...]

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Apple iPad 2, An Overlook


  Apple’s iPad 2 is last year’s the most successful iPad and it is one and the same when it comes to its software and hardware. iPad 2 is powered by new dual core 1 GHz A 5 CPU with 512 MB of RAM which makes it really powerful. iPad 2 is unbelievably thin which [...]

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iPad accessory bandwagon by Cocoon


  Today we are going to take a closer look at iPad accessory bandwagon by Cocoon which is The Gramercy. It is a great innovation offered by Cocoon which provided the solution for organizing and securing you Apple iPad. It comes with the GRID-IT system which is patent-pending organization system. Vertically Gramercy is designed vertically [...]

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Three new Xtreme products from XtremeMac


Today we are going to talk about 3 ExtremeMac products. The first one is Microdock by which you can turn you iPod and iPhone into a stereo speaker and alarm clock through its alarm clock application. It can also charge the two iDevices at a time. Microdock is available in $59.99. As we are talking [...]

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