Keystone Eco Slider keyboard for iPhone 4S

Keystone Eco Slider keyboard

The iPhone 4S isn’t even out yet in your hands, but that doesn’t mean accessories are lining up and vying on your attention. Concord Keystone knows this, and intends to jostle along with the rest of many competition for your personal attention with their Keystone Eco Slider keyboard that will interact easily with your iPhone [...]

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Apple iPhone 4S unveiled


It’s verified! Apple will be releasing an updated iPhone 4 within a shape of many iPhone 4S.Almost identical on the outside into the iPhone 4, inside it’s business, and all updated tech.With an Apple-designed A5 chip inside (similar to the only one inside the iPad 2) it’s as much as 2x faster than the very [...]

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iPhone 3G Telescope

If you love to see clear objects in the distance through you iPhone 3G, then here is an amazing gadget which is known as iPhone 3G Telescope. It is similar gadget as was released for the original iPhone. Its 6x scope is optimized for the newer iPhone 3G camera. The iPhone 3G Telescope is an [...]

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iPad accessory bandwagon by Cocoon


  Today we are going to take a closer look at iPad accessory bandwagon by Cocoon which is The Gramercy. It is a great innovation offered by Cocoon which provided the solution for organizing and securing you Apple iPad. It comes with the GRID-IT system which is patent-pending organization system. Vertically Gramercy is designed vertically [...]

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Three new Xtreme products from XtremeMac


Today we are going to talk about 3 ExtremeMac products. The first one is Microdock by which you can turn you iPod and iPhone into a stereo speaker and alarm clock through its alarm clock application. It can also charge the two iDevices at a time. Microdock is available in $59.99. As we are talking [...]

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