Samsung Galaxy S3 Set for Early May; May Only Have Dual-Core Processor


It is being reported that the all-new Samsung Galaxy SIII will be released in the US with a dual-core S4 processor as opposed the quad-core Quad Core Exynos 4 chip that everyone was expecting. The reason for this is due to the wide reach of the LTE network in the United States. Currently, LTE radios [...]

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Samsung announces GALAXY S WiFi 4.2


Samsung announces GALAXY S WiFi 4.2, the best of Android resources with great gaming on the move. This feeling is further enhanced in the device’s superior SoundAlive audio system, delivering great sound most likely through a front stereo speaker or headphones. A gyroscope sensor facilitates the customer’s to cope with the device by moving it, [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Reviled at MWC


Samsung’s introduced yet another 10.1-inch tablet enroll its growing variety of slates. The Galaxy Note 10.1 is surely an S-Pen toting variant of a typical similarly sized-and-named Galaxy Tab. It’s running Touchwiz-infused CS at the 1.4GHz dual-core CPU with 1GB of RAM, however here’s the response to the question on every body’s lips: nope, there’s [...]

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A Review On Samsung Galaxy Note Now Available from AT&T

Samsung galaxy note white

By using a huge and vibrant 5.3″ Super AMOLED HD display as well as a dual-core processor this thing should be magnificent: Numerous queries come to mind in the Galaxy Note. The greatest interest for a lot of is maybe the screen size, Lets have a look on Samsung Galaxy Note. You could possibly call [...]

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Samsung DV300F DualView digital camera with Wi-Fi Connectivity


Samsung has undoubtedly branded a comfortable, secure niche for itself on the planet of consumer electronics, delivering quality products at prices that you’d not stear clear from while in times of monetary crisis. Their reach is certainly far and wide, and one of the company’s more innovative releases recently might possibly be the Samsung DV300F, [...]

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Verizon publicizes Samsung Galaxy Nexus


Google’s most recent superphone, The Samsung Galaxy Nexus, has just been announced, so those who desire to show great progress can create a beeline for smartphone, whether it is online or at brick and mortar stores. Just how much didn t you think you need to fork out for Galaxy Nexus? We are looking at [...]

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Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook made Public


Samsung has revealed a whole new Ultrabook popularly known as Samsung Series 5. The brand new ultrabook can be seen in a few different packages includes a 13 inch model as well as a 14 inch model. The chassis of the Series 5 measures 14.9mm thin. Counting on which model you aquire the specs vary [...]

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Samsung Omnia W markets Windows Phone Mango experience


Samsung seems to have acquired their approach down pat on the planet of smartphones – they’re doing gangbusters exactly where the Android scene is concerned, selling above 10 million units of a typical Samsung Galaxy S2 to this point despite being launched rather recently, and though their unique group of bada-powered phones aren’t doing too [...]

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