Spy sunglasses with remote


Together with the creation of the net, there was far more user generated content than any other time, along with the proliferation of cameras in cell phones have even aided the growth of websites like YouTube, which you could capture unique moments right away. Well, if you wish to participate in something more covert, it [...]

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Motion Activated Wall Switch Spy Camera

Wall Switch Style Spy Camera-2

  Lots of new spy gadgets are hitting the market but here we have the Motion Activated Wall Switch Camera which can record video on (upto 8GB) microSD memory card as it detects movement within its range. Not only it can record video but it is capable of recording audio. Its battery is excellent with [...]

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Teleport 2.0 lets you tap your own phone line


If you are interested to keep all of the information about your incoming and outgoing calls like caller ID and numbers dialed then there is little gadget waiting for you. Its neat little gadget The Teleport 2.0 which can hooks into your phone line and starts recording and sends data to your computer via USB. [...]

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4GB Spy CMOS Camera Cap With Remote Control


If you are low in budget for an amazing Spy Camera then don’t worry at all. We have an amazing gadget to fulfill your spying instinct. Its 4GB Spy CMOS Camera Cap. It comes up with a little remote control by which you can easily operate when to record and when to pause. The cap [...]

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2GB Flash Drive Memory Spy Audio Digital Voice Sound Recorder


Yes! Now you can spy on anyone in your office or even at home through your Flash Drive Memory with built-in Audio Digital Voice Recording. You can record crystal clear audio across 5 meter radius. You just need to slide the recording switch and it will start recording in WAV format. Because of 2GB memory [...]

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