Tech-Computer Inspired Wedding Favors

Maybe you met your partner on an online dating site, MySpace, Facebook or any of the social media sites available today. Or perhaps you and your sweetie are computer geeks, designers, programmers, technicians or bloggers. Possibly you met in the office, or maybe you work in the IT department together. Whatever the case, there are fabulous computer inspired, tech driven wedding favors just for you! Even if your not a “computer geek” these wedding favors are so in tune with our computer oriented lifestyle, that they will work for just about everyone.

For those who are a slave to the keyboard, how about “LOVE” keyboard magnets? Show everyone in your wedding that love is the key to happiness. Each set contains five magnets one of each of the following letters on the keyboard: L, O, V, E plus an “enter” key! The set is packaged in a clear plastic protective case and comes with a matching personalized label for the front.

Was your love, love at first byte? Then maybe Bride and Groom computer dusters will fit your wedding perfectly. Sweep your guests away with these adorable dusters, one white (bride) and one black (groom) with whimsical faces and retractable “hair” as the duster. These wedding dusters will be wonderful in your guests offices, at home or in the office.

If you both “just clicked” and knew each other was the one then why not give your guests the “We Clicked!” computer mouse pad wedding favors? Each eight inch round mouse pad features a pink “We Clicked” logo and a die cut arrow in the corner. These can be used as napkin holders for your reception, or as favor holders, by simply tying a ribbon through the die cut arrow.