The Lumus Optical Company with a new technology for Video Glasses

Its always amazing to watch a movie when you are in car, train or in a plan. But its not much comfortable to watch on a small screen of DVD player or portable DVD player. Many sharp minds are struggling for the solution and there is a team, who has managed to make something completely different. The Lumus Optical Company have created a gadget that can shock the world, they made-up a new technology in the area of micro-displays. They have created micro вРdisplay glasses which can be an amazing alternate of watching movies on small screens. These display glasses are very stylish and light in weight with a built in projector, LCD display and proprietary system of lenses.

If you are viewing a movie on this gadget, you will fell find yourself at the distance of about 3 meter from a 60 inch TV set.It’s all got possible with the use of Light-guide Optical Element (LOE).

Silver particles are used in the glass which reflects the picture projected picture on glass. The display resolution is 640 x 480 pixels which great for a gadget of such a size.In future, company is trying for even batter resolution. Although this gadget is not yet being sold but this is a concept of the future.

This gadget is note being sold yet but it there already are many people who are interested in buying such a cool device. It is a concept of the future and you will be able to see the presentation of this gadget on the Consumer Electronics Show in January.


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